Purpose – finding your place in the world #MotivationMonday

Hey Everyone, hope you’re all well,

I think I’ve been bitten by the writing bug again! It makes a nice change. As much as I have loved re-discovering my inner creativity through my photography, it is nice to once again be expressing myself with words, as opposed to imagery.

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Putting the ‘Media’ in ‘Academia’

Microbe Stew

I’m writing this post on WordPress. Some of you will see it directly via the WordPress reader, but chances are most of you will be drawn here via social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on… The relevance of this? Social media is important to academia (apologies for the rather cliched title!).

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PhD – Fight or Flight

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my latest article. I am very lucky and grateful to be collaborating with Jennifer Polk: Academic, Career, and Life Coach, who has an amazing blog – From PhD to Life. Also check out #withaPhD. Here I am going to discuss my difficulties with an academic career, and over uncertainties over my future career. Jennifer offers advice on how to plan for the future and expand your career options. Make sure you look at our resource list at the end of the article, for a tonne of advice!

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Bone cement – saving lives since the 1940s (Part 3)

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Hi everyone!

Bone cement – saving lives since the 1940s (Part 1)

Bone cement – saving lives since the 1940s (Part 2)

My research into antibiotic loaded bone cement was carried out in an eight week summer research project with Professor Tom Smith at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. This was funded by a Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) Students Into Work Grant, for which i am very grateful!

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Up in the aer(ogel)

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Hi everyone, welcome to the latest #MicrobeStew article!

This week i am incredibly lucky to have my first guest post written by Laurie Winkless (@Laurie_Winkless), who is a physics and material sci Science Communicator. Please check out her blog “No Lab Coat Needed“, where she writes some excellent and informative posts. If you’re wondering, “how does this fit into a microbiology blog?”, then wonder no more. Laurie has written an article on aerogels, a technology I recently investigated as a method for antibiotic delivery in orthopaedic surgery. For my previous posts on this topic see here. This will be followed soon by a post on my research. Hope you enjoy!

I remember vividly the first time I saw aerogel – I was a 15-year old space nut, watching the news one evening with my parents. There, on my TV, was what I later described in my…

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Bone cement – saving lives since the 1940s (Part 2)

Microbe Stew

Part 1 can be found here.

So where does bone cement fit into this story? Since the 1940s, bone cement has been used, well, to cement bones back together (sorry it’s so obvious!). The bone cement I am discussing here is one of the most commonly used, a polymer called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). One of the first applications of PMMA was in cranioplasties (to repair cracks in skulls) in the 1940s

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