Life, the universe and The Book (an update)

If you don’t already read ‘no lab coat needed’ head over there right now and check out the back-catalogue, awesome stuff!


First of all (and I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately), sorry for the radio silence, lovely followers, and thanks for your patience. Things in Laurie-land have been hectic of late… crap excuse I know, but hopefully you won’t mind too much… especially when you see the epic update on life, the universe and The Book below. Be warned, it will be a brain-dump. Anyway, let’s go through them in priority order…

  • The Book

You’ll hopefully be happy to hear that writing is progressing really well on Science and the City (SATC). I’m still further behind than I’d like, but momentum has definitely shifted and I am loving every minute. I made the decision to take a few months off work to just get my head down. Even just the process of making the decision had had a huge impact on my productivity. It cleared my head, leaving me focused, excited…

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