About Me

Hi everyone!

I’m Microbe Stew, otherwise known as Stewart Barker.

If this is your first time to visit Microbe Stew – Welcome! Please see my first blog post for an introduction to what this site is all about. If that piques your interest, take a look at my recent posts (look to the left of the screen!) or browse through the archives.

A little about me: I am a Biology graduate from Sheffield Hallam University. When i’m not talking about Science (especially Microbiology), I love discussing social media, Science communication and journalism, and wellbeing/mental health in academia.

I am also a proud Yorkshireman, and lover of good food, a wide range of music and photography!

Please follow me on Twitter @Stewart_Barker and subscribe to Microbe Stew to be notified of my latest articles.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Stewart,

    My name is Susan and I am the content manager of Clapway.com, a US based online publication. I came across your blog and really enjoy the content you have on your site. We would like to discuss a potential collaboration with you. Would you be able to talk to us on Thursday via Skype? If so, I am available at content@clapway.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Susan Xu
    Content Manager at Clapway
    195 Plymouth St #6/17
    Brooklyn, NY 11201


    • Stewart Barker says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your interest. I am possibly interested, but I’m very busy with my phd at the moment, plus I prefer communicating via email. Would you mind if I contacted you at the email you provided?


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