Microbe Stew

Hi everyone, and welcome to Microbe Stew!

This is my first ever blog post here (hopefully the first of many!), and so serves the purpose of being an introduction. I am currently in my first year of my PhD inMolecular Microbiology at The University of Sheffield’s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. For now, all i will say is that a PhD is incredibly fun but  scary, and many posts will surely follow in this theme…

In addition to my studies, I am involved with the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM), assisting with their Twitter page. I also sit on their Postgraduate and Early Career Scientist (PECS) Committee, as the Communications Officer. I thoroughly enjoy this role, as in addition to contributing to the Society’s monthly magazine and email newsletter, i get to attend plenty of conferences, and even organise our own event for Postgrad and Early Career Scientists every autumn.

I have recently started blogging for ‘We are Sheffield Students‘, sharing my experience of being a student. So i will also be posting those pieces on here, as i am happy to announce they have been frequently read so far!

As many of you hopefully will know, I am frequently addressed to by new acquaintances as ‘that guy from Twitter’. Yep that’s me…! If you aren’t reading this blog via my Twitter (@Stewart_Barker) then please consider following, or at least talking to me. It would be greatly appreciated.

In my not so spare time, i love playing and discussing video games; making, eating and talking about food; amateur photography; and i have a great passion for all music – old and new.

As you may notice, my header is an interesting amalgamation of me, science and Pokemon. I am a child of the 90’s after all – and the Pokemon games were a huge part of my childhood! My good friend and excellent graphic designer Vector That Fox drew me that picture for my last birthday, and i love it!

So… what is the aim of this blog?? To talk about the things i like, honestly – mainly going to be about science. Fingers crossed i am going to have some superb guest bloggers, and i am planning some collaborative co-authored posts too. My focus will be microbiology and molecular biology, but all science is awesome, so expect some variety.  I also talk passionately about mental and physical health issues in education and academia; the ‘student experience’; and the trials, tribulations and joys of academia – among other things. First up I am going to re-blog my first two posts for the Sheffield University blog. Please give them a read, and i would really appreciate any feedback, even if this is just a ‘like’ or a ‘share’, it takes no time at all, but lets me know i’m doing the right thing!

Thanks for reading, and the science will follow!

Microbe Stew


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