#PhDaily Day 12 25/08/2015

An update, and an idea…

Hi everyone!

So it does indeed look like I will be processing NMR data for the foreseeable future! I have a lot of data to handle, which is frankly boring to tell you about and after the first day I imagine would be very boring and repetitive to read! This is likely to continue until the 3rd week in September – when I go on work placement for three months. I intend to restart the proper #PhDaily posts once I start on placement, as I hope this will be an interesting part of my PhD with lots to talk about. Just before I start, I will also do a post on what my placement is all about! But until then, I am still going to be giving a brief outline of my day, of course including if I do anything different, but then also throw in some NMR knowledge on some days too.

Today I got in just in time for the NMR lab meeting at 10 (neighbours delayed me!), only to find out that the lab meeting had been cancelled! Although I did find out that I am on ‘cake duty’ this week – every week somebody different in the lab brings cakes in. Last time I made my own secret recipe double chocolate brownies, but I need something new for this week. I get settled at my computer, breaking up processing data with sifting through emails and researching what cakes I am going to make!

I am currently populating a table with all of my protein backbone assignment data (see yesterday’s post for a brief explanation on what the backbone is). Thankfully my protein is only 96 amino acids long (some can be far far bigger), but considering how many columns are here, and I am populating it manually, this is going to take a while! Like clockwork, I leave just after 5 pm.


I would love to have any feedback on my #PhDaily articles so far, and on my plans for the future. Just drop me a comment if you have any thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Microbe Stew


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