#PhDaily Day 9 and 10 20-21/08/2015

Hi Everyone,

So as you can probably guess from the title, there wasn’t a #PhDaily post yesterday! So here is one short day, and one uneventful day rolled into one post.

On Thursday morning, I woke up late feeling frankly dreadful. I had had maybe 6 hours sleep, yet it felt like I had none. My leg muscles ached, my brain was tired and i had a headache – yay! I stumbled into work for 11 am (immediately regretting getting on the tram due to motion sickness). After the lack of success from the previous day’s experiments – see here – I didn’t really have a plan for the day. I answered a few emails, and dealt with some social media upkeep, then had a little think, just before the lab meeting at 12.

I listened to 2 really interesting talks, one from another PhD student i know, who is working on S. aureus and fluorescent microscopy, the other from a more senior researcher, on the structure of the bacterial cell wall. I had my lunch during the meeting, which made me feel a little better. However on returning to the office, I began to rapidly feel worse. I quickly scan a protein gel (which needed to be done), then I swiftly headed home, where I rested for the afternoon and evening.

On Friday, after a good nights rest, I woke up feeling slightly unwell still, but good enough to get up and head into work. I get in just after 10 am, grab my lab books from the microbiology lab upstairs, then head down to NMR. The NMR wizard who guides me through the experiments is busy, so I settle down to do some immensely difficult background reading, broaching maths and physics (which I loathe!). I take a break for lunch around 12, and have a little walk around campus. Despite the drizzly rain, it is good to get some fresh air, after being in what is essentially an IT suite for a couple of hours!

I come back and continue with my reading, until half 3, when we are able to run the experiments. These are apparently ‘the most complicated’ NMR scans, so it is far beyond my level of understanding! We set the sample off to run for the weekend, then I quickly write this blog post up at work. I’m out of the building and ready to enjoy my weekend by 5.30!

Thanks for reading, have a brilliant weekend!

Microbe Stew


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