#PhDaily Day 6 17/08/2015

Hi everyone!

It’s Monday (Boo!), but the return of #PhDaily for its second week, yay! (I hope!). If you missed out on the first week, here is a link to my #PhDaily archive.

Today was an intentionally late start, as i had to wait for some furniture to be delivered. I got into work around 11.30, and headed straight into the NMR department to check on my sample that has been running all weekend. Although the scan won’t finish until about midnight tonight, this morning enough progress was made to check if the scans so far had been successful. Despite the development of a bubble in my sample (which can drastically effect the scans), they looked good quality!

Then i headed up to the lab. No supervisor yet (he was returning from a short holiday), so i made a start preparing some buffers for some FPLC protein purification that needs to be done in preparation for the BIG EXPERIMENT i’m doing on Wednesday. Once my supervisor arrives i check a couple of conditions for the FPLC with him, equilibrate the FPLC, then inject a couple of samples. The first produces a poor result, at which point we realise that i have injected the wrong thing, despite me checking with my supervisor!.

I do a second injection, which looks a lot better. It is 6.30pm, and my supervisor tells me to go home and not rush my work/work late, which is always nice! I bike home and get back for 7 pm. Hopefully getting a brand new bike tomorrow, which will be a welcome replacement for the death-trap i am currently riding!

Thanks for reading as always,

Microbe Stew


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