#PhDaily Day 5 14/08/2015

Hi everyone!

IT’S FRIDAY! AND I DID ACTUAL SCIENCE TODAY! Ahem, far too excited about that. Here is my Friday #PhDaily, and a brief summary of my first week.

Today was a late start, i slept through my alarm until about 9.30 (it was a late night!). After  lazing around for 15 minutes, i got up and remembered that our house’s gutter is broken, and it had been raining heavily all night. After checking the house outside, then inside for damp, i got to work for 11.30. Shortly after i woke up, i got the excellent news that the NMR ‘wizard’ from our lab was back from sick leave and i was able to run my sample today!

My sample was stored at -80 C (to protect it from degradation), so had to be defrosted. I then added protease inhibitor (to stop the protein being degraded by enzymes), sodium azide (antibacterial, to stop bacteria eating my protein), TSP (an internal standard for the NMR) and deuterium oxide (water, but with ‘heavy’ hydrogen atoms).

I won’t bore you with the details of setting up an NMR experiment, it’s mind numbing… But initial scans show my sample is very good, probably better than the last one i produced. I helped set up some experiments to run over the weekend, went back upstairs to grab my bag, and left the building at 4.30! Because of the rain i got the tram home, grabbed some food shopping, and will be eating tea with my girlfriend when she gets home from work at about 8!

My week:

A lot of reading and paperwork, but ending on a high with some important lab work. Next week, very important experiments planned, should be a busy and productive week!

Thanks to everybody who has read and supported these article this week, it means a lot to me! See you next week for more #PhDaily!

Thanks for reading,

Microbe Stew

4 thoughts on “#PhDaily Day 5 14/08/2015

  1. heh… I think the moment you stop being too excited about actual science, is the day you should probably stop research. It’s a bit like us historians, the moment we walk into an archive, handle old books/sources.. there’s that moment of excitement, of joy. I think we need those moments to reconnect with who we are and what we do, amist the mundanity of admin/reading. 🙂

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    • Stewart Barker says:

      Exactly! Glad to hear there is an equivalent feeling for historians! 🙂 thanks for all of your comments, please consider sharing some of my posts so I can reach more people!


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