#PhDaily Day 3 12/08/2015

Hi everyone!

It’s Wednesday night, so we’re officially over the hump! While i love my job and my work, that doesn’t stop me actively looking forward to the weekend! I try not to do any uni work over the weekend (to give myself a break!) although that doesn’t stop me working on my photography or on social media.

Today has been a short day at work. I was up at 8.30, ready to buy early-release tickets for my favourite band, which went on sale at 9am. After a few ‘technical issues’ my sister ended up buying tickets for her, me and my girlfriend. After that, i had to search for a long time for the various receipts from my recent trip to Dublin for the SfAM Summer Conference. I needed to fail out a studentship claim form, and had somehow managed to scatter the receipts around my office at home.

Once I had found all my receipts, and had cycled into work, it was just after 11am. It was hot and humid in Sheffield today, so after cycling the 3 miles (culminating in a steep hill just before uni) I was absolutely shattered and boiling! Of course the perfect remedy for this was a quick stint in the 4 C room!

I then sat in the office and filled out my studentship claims form. Paperwork always takes longer than expected, partly due to my OCD, partly due to my amusement at a fellow PhD’s exasperation at trying to order lab consumables on an amazingly faulty system.

I had to leave work at 5pm, to meet an electrician back at my house, therefore the day went very quickly. Getting into work late, i didn’t break to eat lunch, but instead took that time to research into a conference that i want to attend. At around 2pm, I got my peptidoglycan digests (which had been incubating at 37 C overnight) and processed them. This involved boiling the sample to destroy the enzymes, then centrifuging to sediment the insoluble material. I then pipetted the soluble fraction and froze it at -20 C.

After helping one of the undergrad students with the FPLC – misbehaving as is characteristic with chromatographers, it was 4.10pm. Waiting on an email from my supervisor, and not being able to start any experiments in the 50 minutes i had left, i headed out onto campus with my camera! At 4.50, i rang my supervisor, who asked me to shut the FPLC down amid its problems, and i went home! Thankfully the electrician has been able to fix our faulty wiring (hopefully!), and i can rest easy tonight!

Not a busy day for experiments, but some money claimed back, and a possible conference to attend!

Thanks for reading!

Microbe Stew


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