Dealing with anxiety at university

A really important article about an issue that is prevalent in education and academia.

We Are Sheffield Students

Anxiety is one of the most common problems that can affect a student at university, whether you have a history of it or it suddenly drops on you out of nowhere. For the past month or so I myself have developed spikes in anxiety. I’ve never really experienced it before, except maybe getting stuck on a train once (which wasn’t fun!). It took control of my life so quickly that, when I tried so hard to think what was wrong with me, it didn’t even register that it could be the issue, so much so it spiked other problems I’ve overcome, such as depression. I couldn’t travel because it caused me to feel horrendously nauseous, I couldn’t go out on a night out with my friends because the anxiety spiked so high that drinking made it worse, and I couldn’t even arrange to meet new clients for my composition company because…

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