Parliament surprises! Three parent babies allowed…

My good friend Devon (@DevonCaira) has written this brilliant blog about the recent change in UK law, allowing for mitochondrial transplants as part of an IVF procedure, and subsqequently ‘3 parent babies’. Not microbiology I know, but a good blog on a landmark decision.

The Ribosomal Reviewer

Now, I hate to sound cynical, but I have always had reservations on the judgments of those in ‘high powers’. Especially when it comes to scientific affairs. However, this week they have pleasantly surprised me! On Tuesday 3rd February, the House of Commons rightly decided to support the development of three-parent babies using methods similar to IVF.


This is a very important move by MPs as mitochondrial disease is devastating and life destroying, affecting 1 in 6500 children born every year in the UK. Mitochondria, an organelle found within almost every cell in our very own bodies, help to produce energy from the food we eat. Mothers who carry faulty mitochondria can pass them onto their children who can then develop the awful disease. Sadly, many children do not survive to adulthood, as the disease causes the wasting of muscles, heart failure and brain damage.

The techniques, know as ‘mitochondrial…

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