Blogging – should it be personal or professional?

…Or should it be both?

Hi everyone,

Just a short post on a blogging conundrum I’ve been pondering. As those of you who have read my blog so far, you may have noticed my relaxed (i hope!) writing style, and things like the awesome illustration of me! The quote in said picture seems weirdly pertinent (oddly the words of a professor in the first Pokemon video games) but i digress…

Featured image

My pondering is – is this a good way to generally present a blog, and specifically a blog that primarily discusses science communication?

Personally i like to put a personal touch in all my posts, even if that is just in some quirky terminology and funny pictures!

So my question to you is, should such a blog be this personal? Is there a ‘time and place for everything?’ Please leave me a comment below with your opinion, all are welcome – blogger or not!

Thanks for reading!

Microbe Stew


5 thoughts on “Blogging – should it be personal or professional?

  1. For me, blogs are personal, but with a professional edge. I feel that my views don’t reflect the organisation I work for but want to act professionally (but still informal).

    I like the fact that you write in a relaxed manner – it’s as if I can hear a person’s voice rather than just reading words. I hope that makes sense..


    • Stewart Barker says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback Sarah! So you are saying it is complex!

      That’s brilliant to hear, it’s exactly the effect i was going for.


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